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Sustainability, and what it means to us.

Sustainability, and what it means to us.

 Living in an environmentally sustainable manner has become increasingly difficult in our modern world. Almost everything we own and buy and eat has a hefty carbon footprint and has had a sizable negative impact on our natural environment.

Making a real difference may seem unachievable, but there are ways we can all work towards achieving a better relationship with our natural environment.
The small action each person could take to make a massive combined difference to the health and state of our planet is to know the story of what you're buying. If each person could take responsibility for some or all of their own personal supply chains the accumulative positive effect would be enormous.

At House McGrath, we truly are committed to 'slow decor'. We genuinely understand what sustainability means and entails. We know what Environmental Impacts are and we understand the Carbon Footprint of things. However, we also understand that we live in a modern era with modern needs, but know that if we are mindful and aware we can tread upon our planet a little more gently.
We believe in reusing materials and furniture and at a push recycling items - at the same time making sure they're relevant in our modern context and homes. We aim to sell items that are beautiful and individual and will transcend trends - and continue to be loved and valued for many more decades to come.

Restored Teak Furniture

Our primary efforts are focused on restoring beautiful solid wood furniture for this generation and the next. We source antique, handmade teak furniture in India rich with history and perfectly suited for Irish interiors.

Using traditional restoration techniques with our own mix of colours and finishes, we give new life to these otherwise forgotten pieces.

Teak is a high-quality wood known for its longevity, density and strength. It is a slow-growing timber making it difficult and expensive to source for manufacturing,so much so that it is no longer available to buy new.

Small Batch Orders

Most retail is reliant on fast moving supply chains, but at House McGrath we invest in small, artisinal makers who create exclusive designs for us in small batches, using high quality, sustainable materials.

These pieces are designed to last and never end up at a landfill, they are not dictated by trends and are supplied direct by the maker.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
We aim to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Our bags are unbleached, non-laminated paper bags stamped in store with our logo, and we use uncoloured tissue paper and recyclable paper packaging in our deliveries. We continue to look for innovative, eco-friendly and reduced waste retail solutions as we grow.

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