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Caring for your House McGrath furniture

Caring for your House McGrath furniture

Your antique piece of House McGrath furniture is made from solid teak, a hardwood that was harvested in India around 200 years ago and handcrafted by skilled joiners at the time using traditional methods.

Today, the HMcG team restore all our furniture in our workshop in India, in a way that is sympathetic to both the antique teak and the traditional methods originally used.

Although teak is an extremely durable hardwood, it is a natural product that will require care and protection. Here are some things to consider when caring for your HMcG piece. 


  • Direct heat and moisture will cause damage
  • All furniture should be dusted weekly with a dry lint-free cloth
  • Optional: oil once or twice a year using a specialist indoor teak furniture oil, using a lint-free cloth. Excess oil should be rubbed off with a dry, absorbant lint-free cloth. Furniture should feel dry after oiling
  • Do not apply oil to our colour finishes, only natural, uncoloured teak.
  • For tables: It is advised to use suitable tablecloths, coasters and trivets to protect your table from heat.
  • Fine triple-zero steel wool will help remove stubborn stains, but make sure to only rub in the direction of the grain, and never rub too hard or too long as that will damage the finish. Use a natural wax to cover where you removed the stain.

We want your furniture to last for generations so please get in touch if you have any queries regarding the ongoing care of your item.

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