Green is Trending and so is our desire to connect with Nature

Green is Trending and so is our desire to connect with Nature

So green is coming up as the most popular and most desired colour of 2021 and this is not only the case in Ireland. Houzz reported that a photo of a green kitchen is it’s most saved photo for 2021 so far! It recorded an increase in searches for ‘green kitchen cabinets’ up 829% and ‘green tile bathroom’ up 771% from last year. Major Interior Designers and Interiors Influencers are also mentioning ‘emerald green’ and ‘sage green’ in their feeds and blogs.

This attraction to green is really no surprise after the traumatic and uncertain months we have all recently endured. We are reaching out for the healing power of nature. Psychologically, green is a powerful colour because it is such a dominant colour in nature. It evokes feelings of abundance, growth, calm, balance and security and these are all the things we are craving.

Farrow and Ball have some beautiful greens and some of the colours we keep hearing about in our shop are Calke Green No. 34, Bancha No. 289 and Card Room Green No. 79. The favoured Colour Trend colours we regularly hear about are Sweet Caper, Vegetarian 0430, Vicarage Gate and Wispy Mint 0750. All of these shades of green are quite lovely.At House McGrath, we aim to provide furniture and décor that is timeless and that will stand the test of time, so green has always been one of our favourite colours for finishing our beautiful old teak original pieces of furniture. Green works so well againt the colour of naturally aged teak of the inside of most of our pieces. Green freestanding furniture also works very well against other colours and whites - providing just enough of a pop of green to generate that happy feeling

We have a wonderful collection of green pieces in our shop. They are all old original vintage teak pieces and exude an air of wholesomeness and maturity. Each of these pieces of furniture was made at a time in history when true craftsmanship was not rushed; when it’s results were savoured and enjoyed. This was the time long before the era of mass production.
The most quirky and interesting of our green pieces would be the The Mint Dresser. Named after it’s beautiful and gentle green colour, this dresser has it all – 2 glass framed doors, 2 solid doors, two solid teak drawers and a shelf on top!

We have a smaller dresser and side board in our deep rich Mossy Green. Although this colour is hot and very trendy right now, it’s one of those colours that is sure not to go out of fashion. It is also a good colour to team up with walls of a different colour and perhaps in a room filed with gorgeous green house plants and lots of books!

The most searched words on Houzz both this year and last were ‘home office’ which is also not surprising. It seems that people are looking for ideas to create a calm, multifunctional and creative space at home – so a calm and airy room that encourages nature in is what so many of us are striving to create in our own homes.

We have this beautiful solid teak vintage desk with the most fabulous Mossy Green base – the perfect desk for any home office. Pairing this desk with a Mossy Green Dresser or Sideboard in a home office would certainly set the scene for an inspired home office. 

Please note: All of the pieces of furniture mentioned in this post were available at the time it was posted. Please keep any eye on our website for our current available pieces.
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